Redshoes12 is a lovers romp through a Gastronomic Wonderland

Recipes to seduce and entice, grabbing aphrodisiacs and fusing them to superb dishes, cocktails to shake and share, breakfasts to bring lust and romance to every morning. This is a master class (or mistress class!) in erotic cookery.

The recipes unfold with the seasons and are presented with essential hints to highlight the desire and set the scene for some steamy after eating adventures. Here food is the passion, arousing every sense.

Food is an entirely sensuous pleasure: erotic, provocative and lusty.
Let’s cook, eat, drink, make love and, above everything else - have fun...

This Month’s Highlight Cocktail

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Setting the scene:

Although one could assume that it was St.Valentine’s Day every day with Roqué and Wanda it was extra special on February 14th, a day for special gifts, romance, and lots of loving and exotic, teasing and tempting dishes to share.

The day was reaching its crescendo as the sun was setting with colours like honey pouring from a jar. Wanda was dressed in a bright red deep plunge Reger by Janet Reger bra, part of Roqué’s gift to her. She had matching suspenders and seamed red stockings from their favourite Stockings Direct. She was his Lady in Red, ready for his bed…

Best read –
Wanda chose – The story of O by Pauline Reage from Amazon
Roqué chose – Breakfast In Bed by Eleanor Moran, Amazon

Was it the little black dress or the red stockings or the gold hearts hanging from a branch they had collected on their lasts ramble?

On the back of each heart was a message. The messages led to different locations around the house where Wanda discovered Valentine gifts just like the ones she was now wearing. What fun, she leant over and kissed Roqué just on the nape of his neck and then melted into his arms taking care not to spill his Lady in Red with Jean Paul Gautier’s Scandal emblem dancing in the glass and Partyrama heart confetti completing the scene. ‘I feel love’ was playing by the very talented Vanessa Mae (Roqué’ loved pretty girls playing the violin especially with a bare mid-riff!). Time to play the fiddle Wanda?

Vanessa-Mae playing violin from her album Storm from

Lady in Red.

For 2 lovers

Get on with it…

Was it inspired by Chris De Burgh’s Lady in Red or by Pamela Wiznitzer we’ll never know but on this occasion it was devoted to Wanda. Roqué mixed a double measure of Southern Comfort with a splash of Odysea Pomegranate Molasses adding a good slug of pomegranate juice, then freshly squeezed lemon juice, shaken over crushed ice. He finished it with a fizzy splash of Fentiman’s Ginger Beer and decorated it with a lime wheel. Roqué whispered in her ear “I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight” – what a smoothie…

Odysea pomegranate molasses from
Fentiman’s Ginger beer from
Southern Comfort from

Feed the Desire

You know the old song ‘Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet’ well for guys lemons are essential to good sexual health. The juice has cleansing toxins to help boost your blood and circulation – these all heighten your senses and prepare the body and mind for intimacy. Keep a lemon in your freezer and grate it onto fish, salads, soups and desserts. You’ll really feel the difference!

And so to complete this month's menu...


Starter for 2 lovers


Main course for 2 lovers


Dessert for 2 lovers


Breakfast for 2 lovers

Food photography and digital manipulation by Helen Ives