Sexy Food Recipes for Lovers

Sexy food recipes for lovers

Here at RedShoes12 you will find sexy food recipes for lovers, enticing cocktails, aphrodisiac foods to start your sexciting meals, seductive dinner recipes and sumptuous desserts. Together with breakfast, brunch and picnic ideas that are sensual and unmissable.
Lets get ROMANTIC with FOOD...

Redshoes12 is a lovers romp through a Gastronomic Wonderland

Sexy food recipes for lovers, Recipes to seduce and entice, grabbing aphrodisiacs and fusing them to superb dishes, cocktails to shake and share, breakfasts to bring lust and romance to every morning. This is a master class (or mistress class!) in erotic cookery.

The recipes unfold with the seasons and are presented with essential hints to highlight the desire and set the scene for some steamy after eating adventures. Here food is the passion, arousing every sense.

Food is an entirely sensuous pleasure: erotic, provocative and lusty.
Let’s cook, eat, drink, make love and, above everything else - have fun...

This Month’s Highlight Cocktail

Pink Pussy Cocktail

Pink Pussy Cocktail

Setting the scene:

Pink Pussy Cocktail.

The sun is setting on another glorious day and it’s time to crush some ice, fill a bowl with fresh blueberries and raspberries and savour their summertime aroma.

Prepare some olives stuffed with chorizo and serve them on a dish interspersed with edible marigold flowers.

Watch the glint of the fading sun reflect into highly polished glasses and enjoy the delights of a Pink Pussy…

For 2 lovers

Get on with it…

Pink Pussy Cocktail.

Pour 50ml Bacardi Limon rum – It’s chic, adult, innovative and desirable – so they say! 25ml Grand Marnier and 25ml Tequila over crushed ice in a cocktail shaker.

Add 100ml Monin sweet and sour mix and 50ml cranberry juice (to make it the gorgeous pink imitation…). Give it enough shake to make it froth with anticipation. Serve in tall  glasses…adding fresh blueberries & raspberries, a ring of lime and fresh mint.

Ingredients available from

Feed the Desire

Pink Pussy Cocktail contains succulent raspberries, perfect for feeding to your lover and are especially good when dipped into melted chocolate – an aphrodisiac two-for-one!

It’s a fact that women who eat red berries taste better. They’re red (the colour of l’amour) and they’re high in vitamin C, which may not turn you on but will certainly keep you healthy.

And so to complete this month's menu...




Main course





Food photography and digital manipulation by Helen Ives

Sexy Food Recipes for Lovers